Most games on Driffle can be activated anywhere, however, some might be available to certain regions only. You can find region tags for where the game is available on the product page:

  • Global (available everywhere)
  • Europe (Europe)
  • North America (North America)
  • Latin America (Latin America)
  • Russia (Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States)
  • ASIA (Asia)
  • RU VPN (available everywhere, but requires Russian VPN to activate)
  • Australia (Australia)
  • Brazil (Brazil)
  • China (China)
  • Germany (Germany)
  • India (India)
  • Japan (Japan)
  • RoW (available everywhere, but with certain exceptions)
  • Outside Europe (available everywhere except Europe)
  • United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
  • United States (United States)

On the product page you will see if the game is available to you based on your current location.